Though this isn't the mainfactor to distinguish a trustworthy shared website hosting supplier from a bad one and a reseller from an actual supplier, having the option to call and communicate with a live person is an indicator that you are not working with a one-person firm and that you'll be able to reach someone any time you're looking for assistance. The telephone support for website hosting services may vary from common to expert, which means that the problems which can be resolved with a phone call differ based on the specific company. In most cases, these matters are simpler and include billing or first level technical issues as more complex tasks generally require a support ticket where both you and the system administrators can follow what's going on with a specific situation. Nevertheless, having the option to phone call your supplier will save you considerable time and efforts for the countless small issues that will eventually appear at the time you manage your web hosting account.
Phone Support in Shared Website Hosting
We believe that the option to speak with a live agent is very important, so we have three support lines around the globe (Australia, USA and UK) and you're able to contact us over the phone for fourteen hours a day. If you consider buying one of our Linux shared website hosting plans, for instance, you will be able to call us and learn more about our solutions before placing your order to ensure that we do meet all system requirements for your sites. Following your order, you can get in touch with us about all the sales or billing problems you may experience, or get any kind of general or basic technical info that you need. We've tried to find the optimal balance between telephone and ticket support, so for solely technical issues you'll have to use the ticketing system, that will help you track the communication as well as any new developments in the resolution of an issue.
Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Servers
With 14 hours-a-day telephone support, you can be sure that there is always somebody to assist you if you have any queries about the semi-dedicated server plans that we provide. Whether you would like to know more about the plans, you have some billing issue or some general problem, you can call us. Despite the fact that some more complicated troubles could require a support ticket in order to give some time to our tech support crew to analyze, we will help you with numerous technical questions over the phone as well, saving you precious time and efforts. As we have data centers on as many as 3 different continents - in the USA, Great Britain and Australia, we have local phone lines in all of these countries as well. In case you are in another country, we have an international number where you'll be able to reach us.